Marriage retreats, workshops or seminars are available to churches who believe in strengthening marriages and families.


A marriage and family retreat for churches offers the following topics:

1.  Dreams and Beyond

2.  The Fairy Tale and Beyond

3.  Nurturing Children and Beyond

4.  Beyond your Imagination


"Lord of the Rings" seminar is a marriage seminar or workshop that covers many facets of marriage:  spirtual, commitment, roles, communication, sex, finances, extended family, seasons of life, grief, laughter, hobbies, dating, the effect of childhood on marriage, shared goals and a mutual vision.



Couple Communication Success Seminar or workshop teaches couples many practical way to communicate effectively, solve problems, and overcome arguments.  This workshop is full of experiential exercises.

Captivate Your Spouse

"Captivate Your Spouse" Romance Seminar/Workshop gives many sparks to assist couples in reviving and enhancing their relationship.

Nurtured Heart Success

The Nurtured Heart Success Seminar/Workshop focuses on bringing success to children by teaching the parents or teachers this amazing approach.

CHURCH or SCHOOL Workshops

Does your church or school need a marriage or parenting workshop or seminar where you choose the topics?  Address the needs of the families in your church or the teachers at your school by designing your own workshop or seminar.  Call A FAMILY MATTER now for more information at 256-766-5707.

Faith -Centered Marriage Conferences

Faith-Centered Conferences are now helping many marriages.  Ask your church leadership about building your own Faith-Centered Conference based on the needs of the marriages in your church.


Many couples are now seeking this kind of help for their marriage.  Be a church that meets real needs!!

A Family Matter provides marriage counseling, marriage therapy for couples, counseling for children, anger management, psychotherapy for depression or anxiety, counseling for alcohol or drug problems, divorce counseling, Christian family counseling, and phone or skype counseling/advising/consultation. 
Our clinic serves the online community, as well as communities in North West and North Central Alabama, North East Mississippi, and South Central Tennessee including:  Florence, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Sheffield, Lexington, Rogersville, Cherokee, Russellville, Athens, Madison, Decatur, Huntsville, Red Bay, Killen, Hamilton, Leighton, Moulton, Phil Campbell, Haleyville, Iuka, Corinth, Belmont, Booneville, Tupelo, Lawrenceburg, Savannah, Collinwood, Loretto, St. Joseph, and Waynesboro:  35630, 35633, 35634, 35677, 35661, 35674, 35660, 35648, 35610, 35653, 35585, 35654, 35581, 35582, 35593, 38847, 35645, 35646, 35616, 35653, 35652, 35648, 35611, 35612, 35758, 35601, 35602, 35603, 35813, 35801, 35804, 35814, 35815, 35810, 35804, 35824, 35807, 35808, 35812, 35807, 38464, 38372, 38450, 38469, 38485, 38852, 38834, 38835, 38827, 38829, 38801, 38802. 
We provide marriage counseling, marriage therapy, psychotherapy for individuals and therapy for children. 
For an appointment with a marriage counselor or family therapist contact us at 256-766-5707. 
Call us today, and let us help your Marriage and your Family!!